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Block repeat voters by IP address
09/15/2009 07:31:16

This feature allows you to block repeat voters by IP address. Some users have complained that our current system of blocking by cookie, is too weak for some situations, so we have added this extra option on the ‘edit poll’ screen. If you experience any issues with this, please let us know.

WildFire Integration
09/15/2009 07:34:18

As of today we are trying out a new service from our partners over at called WildFire. If you have a MySpace profile and wish to place a SiS Survey poll there, you can now inject it directly into your site from our ‘HTML code’ page.

To try out this service, simply create your poll as usual, and when you get to the ‘HTML code’ page, click on the link relating to WildFire and follow the instructions. This method of inserting a poll will save you having to copy our code and paste it into MySpace yourself. Gigya have told us that they intent to include Hi5 and Friendster, Blogger, and Xanga, etc. in the coming weeks, and will eventually cover most networks.

Random Answers
09/15/2009 07:35:25

We are pleased to announce today that we have added randomization to your poll answers. When you create a SIS Survey poll, there is now a new option called ‘randomize answers’. Selecting this option means that each time your poll is viewed your answers are arranged in a random order. This eliminates voter bias towards answers at the top of your poll.
Please, give us some feedback about this.

New Features – Export all your data in one mere cl
09/15/2009 07:47:00

We have added a new survey feature as requested by many of our users. This feature will allow you to export all your survey respondent data in XML or CSV format. You will find this feature in the survey overview page under the header Export Survey Data. Just click on the button and download the XML or CSV file to get your data.

We have also added new poll features to allow users to export their Vote analysis, IP analysis and location report data in either XML or CSV format. You will find these features in Poll Results within their particular tab.

Annoucing SiS Survey Social Answers!
09/15/2009 07:51:25

Today we are launching a new project we have been working on called SiS Survey Social Answers. It will serve as a social directory of all of the polls created on our system. From Monday on, voters will now be able to comment and discuss your polls on the site. Every SiS Survey user will have the chance to create a profile page on the site which will serve as a container for all of their previous polls. We hope to help drive traffic back to your own websites from people visiting to find interesting polls. Its early days yet, and we have a lot of features to add over the coming months. Please get in touch if there is anything you would like to know about our new service.

Poll Style Editor
09/15/2009 07:52:59

You could shape and style your own custom polls by creating a CSS style sheet. this didn’t suit all of our users, especially the ones that don’t know what the hell CSS is! So we have simplified the process somewhat.

Go to the sub menu in your account: Polls -> Custom Poll Styles

Now when you create a new style you are brought to the style editor. From here you can edit the styles of your poll directly and see the how the changes look live in the preview poll to the right. You can still create poll styles using CSS directly if you prefer. In other news we have added 5 new SiS Survey styles for you to choose from.