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SiS Survey provides polling and survey widgets to over 100,000 users around the world. Launching in 2008, we have gone from strength to strength and have grown to become the number one provider of poll widgets online. Our polls are used on social networks, blogs, corporate websites etc.

SiS Survey
is proudly owned by SiS Software Factory, a global software factory. You can find out more about SiS Software Factory here.

Our Products

We have a number of products based around the SiS Survey platform including... is our flagship site. Here you can create free polls and surveys to distribute on your website, blog or social network profile. We also have Pro accounts available for businesses.

Social Answers is our new poll directory. Here you can research previous "public" polls that have been created on our system. This service is still in Beta and we will be working to add functionality over the coming months.

VIP Users

We also provide VIP services for some of our high profile users. This includes creation of poll designs, custom voting systems, and cross brand marketing.
If you feel there is some way that we can help your company please let us know.

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SiS Survey,
Treinta y Tres Orientales 721,
Cdad. de Buenos Aires,
Buenos Aires,